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In the third part of our big interview with Voltaire we asked the musician about his future plans. Are the rumors true about a tour across Europe next year? And how is the work on his stopmotion-filmseries going on? Find out the answers to this and much more now in our third and last part of our interview with Voltaire.

Part 3: Future Plans

Cabaret-Noir: There are some rumour you´re planning a tour across europe in fall 2009. Is that true? And do you have some new info about it? Perhaps there are some dates and places booked yet? And will the band join you if the tour takes place?
Voltaire: Actually I´m shooting for spring 2009! I have no idea yet how I am going to do it. It´s more of a goal than a plan. But I tend to take my goals very seriously. I would prefer to do it with the whole band, but if I need to go solo acoustic to pave the way, I´m happy to do that too. It´s absolutely ridiculous that after ten years of making records, I have not yet toured Europe. I´m long over due. I just hope that there are people in Europe who feel the same way.

CaNo: I think you can be sure about that!
This spring you mentioned in your blog that you wanted to come to the german Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, but it did not work. What about visiting the festival in 2009?
V: I have submitted a booking request to WGT three years in a row now. I´ve never even gotten a reply. In fact, last year, some German fans of mine were kind enough to email them and asked if they could book me. I was told that they said, "This artist has never expressed an interest in performing here". So I´m guessing there is a big communication gap, maybe because of the language barrier. In 2009, I will try again. And I will keep trying until I play there, heh heh. I have this image of me as an 80-year old man playing at WGT for the first time!

Voltaire CaNo: What are your next plans after "To The Bottom of the Sea"? Any more music-projects in the near future? What about your band The Oddz?
V: I have no idea what´s next. I just sort of take it as it comes. As for The Oddz, they are sleeping. It was a fun side project and I think the songs are great, but eventually, with so many different projects on my schedule, I had to cut some things and sadly, I had to put The Oddz CD to rest for a while. I will likely finish it as some point, but there are other things that have to take priority.

CaNo: On the DragonCon Filmfestival last month your stopmotionfilm "Transrexia" won the price for the best experimental animated film (congratulations by the way!).
In your myspace-blog you wrote you´re working on two more stopmotions. Can you tell us a bit about these two projects? What will they look like? And what will the stories be about?
V: That film, Transrexia, is part of a series I started 15 years ago and never finished. I´ve gotten excited about returning to film and so I´ve gotten to work on finishing these. They are each about one minute long, they are all animated in stop-motion animation and they are each narrated by a singer who inspired me growing up. The first film was narrated by Debbie Harry of Blondie. Transrexia was narrated by Richard Butler of the Psychedelic Furs. I´m now working on the 3rd one. I have a wish list of narrators but it will remain to be seen if I get my wish. Either way, I won´t spoil the surprise as to who I have in mind!
But I will say this, I have just written my first feature film script. It´s a live action horror comedy and once I´ve finished my series of shorts, I hope to be in production of this film.

CaNo: Are there any other plans for comics, books or toys in the near future?
V: I have a Deady toy line in the works which if all goes well will be in stores by the end of the year. I also feel that another Deady graphic novel is inevitable. I have three new plush toy lines that come out next spring from Toy Network and a few other vinyl toys in the works. I honestly never stop working. If I´m not recording or touring, I´m writing or designing toys or making films. Someday I´ll really need to slow down, but I just don´t see it happening anytime soon.

CaNo: One last question (I think you already know it): Will there ever be a "Banned On Vulcan - Part 2"?
V: I don´t know about that. But I have considered a "Banned on Curoscant", a CD of Star Wars parodies! I have a million things I want to do. I want to make a children´s album, a CD of Spanish songs, this Star Wars disc, I have no end of ideas that excite me, but it all comes down to time and I never seem to have any.

CaNo: Then thank you for this interview and all the best!
V: My pleasure!

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