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Amanda über Strength Through Music

"It was my fault, I was reading the newspaper every morning back then.
I´ve said this before, at shows, and I´ll say it again:
The school shooting epidemic in the states is not just terrifying in itself (watching kids shooting other kids couldn´t be anything but), but the general growing acceptance of this sort of SNAFU as something that will just inevitably happen is far more horrifying.
I wrote this song after columbine, and the week Ben Folds & I recorded it in nashville, the Virginia Tech Shootings took place, not far away from where we were. it was....haunting.

Pope & his crew did a genius job with this video, just breathtaking.
The school you are seeing is my old high school in Lexington, MA (I even walk by my old locker) and the kids are from the drama department, mostly juniors and seniors.
They were so wonderful to work with - a gazillion thanks. iId like to thank Steve Bogart, their director, for helping us organize them and for being really involved in the shooting of the video."

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